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Introducing... The Reiki Tummy Tuck!

Everybody wants beautiful, sexy abs!  For the past year, Connie has been working on the next evolution of the Reiki Facelift.  If you have been around, you know that Connie has lost a lot of weight as she has been working to correct the imbalances of menopause (check out her workshop series: Women's Spirit).  Lost weight and aging combine to create sagging skin!  Well, it doesn't have to be! 

The Reiki Tummy Tuck will eventually be a separate class, but for those attending the November 13-14th Reiki Facelift Certification Workshop, you get to be the first to learn the Reiki Tummy Tuck as a free bonus!



Just Added!  New Workshop Date.

Saturday May 23, 2009

By popular demand, Connie Vrenios is offering
a special one-day intensive Reiki Facelift Class in Chicago's Western Suburbs.  The location is being finalized now.

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Is Reiki a Part of Your Daily Beauty Regimen?
Find Out How!

Free Workshop in July 2008!  
Listen in on the Internet or by Telephone!

Reiki & Beauty with Reiki Facelift Creator, 
Connie Vrenios!

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Have You Seen The June 2008 Issue of Massage Magazine?

Massage Magazine published a feature article written by The Reiki Facelift™ creators Connie and Rick Vrenios.

The article entitled "Reiki and Massage:  A Match Made In Heaven" discusses the blending of Reiki and Massage to add an extra dimension to the client's experience.  And, it talks about ways to use Reiki to support the needs of the therapist!

The magazine is on newsstands now!


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