What Is Reiki?


Reiki is a system of natural healing founded in the early-1900s in Japan by a man named Mikao Usui.  The system exploded into popularity in the 1990s and continues to grow exponentially with millions and millions of people all around the globe and of every faith practicing this system for personal or professional use.  

The spiritual simplicity of the system allows it to be embraced by virtually every religion on the planet.  All types of people, from pagans and new age mystics to Catholic priests and nuns are actively practicing this system of spiritual and energetic healing.

Reiki is based on the idea that our human form consists of a physical body, a spirit, and a complex system of energetics that serves as a bridge to link the spirit to the body.  When the energy system becomes blocked, stagnant, deficient, overloaded, or otherwise disturbed, the system does not function as well.  This breakdown creates challenges in the communication between the spirit and the function of the physical body, and health issues can occur more easily in this state of susceptibility.

Reiki is a gentle system of "laying-on-of-hands" energy where the practitioner is trained to tap into the universal life force energy and directs it specific regions of the energy system.  In doing so, the energy system becomes more efficient and works with greater fluidity and ease.  In this state, the body's natural wisdom can more easily take over and restore health more rapidly.

One of the most powerful concepts of Reiki is that the energy is guided by a higher power... a spiritual wisdom.  It is not the practitioner who is doing the healing.  Rather, the practitioner is just the bridge or the channel that allows the energy and the wisdom of this spiritual consciousness to do its job.  This means that the practitioner does not need to understand the disease or injury process, nor does he need to understand the healing process.  The energy takes over and does the work!  Therefore, you can't cause harm using Reiki, and it has proven itself time after time to always provide "right" healing.

Reiki is easy to learn.  The beginning level can be learned in just one day, and at the completion of that training, the student has the knowledge and skills to be effective (of course practice is always needed to be more effective).

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