Reiki Facelift Results!

Hand Transformations


"I used your suggestions for my hands.  I did the usual things 
to my left hand, and I did the Reiki Facelift techniques for my right hand.  Already, in just a few days, the veins and skin texture on my right 
hand looks great and my left is still ugly.  This is amazing!"



Several participants agreed to use the Reiki Facelift Techniques on one hand only.  
The other hand was given the usual care given in everyday life.

What a difference!  

Notice the skin textures.  Notice the appearance of the veins.  
There's even a difference in skin color.  Wow!
Upper hand  in each photo used Reiki Facelift, lower hand did not.

Veins are considerably less on right hand.  Much younger looking skin than the left side.


No Veins on the right hands, and much smoother!


"When the technique is done properly, I feel a very strong, glowing tingle that lasts for quite a while.  It feels fabulous.  It is especially nurturing to start with my breasts - it feels glowing, warm, and loving."


Silkier skin, less vein protrusion.  Nice!

"Using the Reiki Facelift techniques on only one hand let me see that the lotions went on smoother and were absorbed more quickly.  
It just felt better.  My left hand was jealous!"



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