Reiki Facelift

Winning Face Results


"Using the Reiki Facelift, I actually felt my breasts lifting, my face 
tingling, and great warmth at my eyes.  Now, I have lessened jowls, 
lightened age spot, under neck is tighter, softer hair, softer skin, 
and my 'bad eye' is looking good."



Over a span of six weeks, participants of the Reiki Facelift Challenge used the Reiki Facelift Techniques and exercises.  On Tuesday July 12, 2005, 16 people voted for the best transformations by comparing before and after photos.

 The top five winners were awarded certificates for a 2-hour luxury spa package including
Reiki-ssage, Reiki-Reflex (Reflexology), and... of course... Reiki Facelift.

The five runner ups were awarded certificates for a one-hour body therapy session.

Here are the winners and their before and after photos.

"My eyelids have gotten really heavy in the last few years - but they are noticeably less and my jowls are gone!"



Before After

Is that REALLY the same person?  
Check out the difference in the chin and jaw line!  Notice the difference in the eyes and corner of the mouth!

"Lips are fuller, lines are mostly gone, skin is smoother, eyes are wider.  The throat is firmer and the deep line between my throat and neck is much less.  The facelift has been great for the face, but need more for the rest.  Thanks for developing this!"



Before After

Wow!  Notice how much brighter she is!  Skin is better, eyes are more open.  
She had significant vision improvement as well.

"Last Sunday, I overheard my husband tell a neighbor how good I was looking.  That was a definite good thing.  The inner and outer Reiki is truly powerful - I could actually feel the energy traveling in both directions."



Before After

Here is Dan and his "younger brother" Dan.  Look at the difference in lip definition.  Big difference in the chin.
There is a restored youth in his face.  All of this in only six weeks using the Reiki Facelift System!

"My laugh lines and eyes are probably the most dramatic difference.
My skin feels smoother and my coloring has improved, which means I have better circulation."



Attend a class and find out what the Reiki Facelift can do for you!

"The next day at work I was asked if I did a facial, so someone did notice the glow the Reiki provided."


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