Reiki Facelift Results!


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Reiki Facelift Face Results!


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Reiki Facelift Influence on Hands!


"For me, The Reiki Facelift results photos show not only that 
The Reiki Facelift improved people's skin and looks, 
but in the pictures, you can see and feel how much better they feel!"



Just days after the debut Reiki Facelift Workshop, we started receiving telephone calls and e-mails like the one above telling us about the exciting results people are receiving from the system.

Most exciting was that the results were far more than cosmetic.  People reported major health changes, major emotional changes, and tangible, physical results.

Important:  We make no claim that the Reiki Facelift is a treatment or cure
for any disease or medical condition.  If you have a medical concern or condition, 
we strongly recommend you discuss the issue with your physician.  
The statements on these pages are simply a reflection of reports by people 
who have used the system and found benefit.


"My lips were thinning with age.  After just a couple of weeks using the Reiki Facelift, they are filling out again."



"I have a small scar on my chin.  Using the Reiki Facelift, it is already noticeably smaller!  I love this!"



"I am using this every day for myself now.  I love the way it feels."



"Receiving the Reiki Facelift was like warm, tropical raindrops 
drenching my skin."



"My laugh lines are gone!"



"This morning, my blood pressure dropped 20 points after 
using the Reiki Facelift!"



"I was using reading glasses of 2.5.  After six weeks of the Reiki Facelift, those are too strong and I am now using 1.75 reading glasses."



"I notice that my thinking is much clearer - I feel more centered and peaceful.  My hair seems to be healthier and softer.  Skin tone is even instead of red and blotchy.  Thank you Connie!"



"I have a client who suffered from depression for 30 years.  After giving her a Reiki Facelift, she expressed, 'I was depressed before the session, but now the depression is gone!"



"This was like a boost of serotonin.  I can't believe how good I feel emotionally!"



"Using the Reiki Facelift in the morning was an excellent start to the day!  I was relaxed and felt very happy, having spent time on myself!  
I just feel lighter and younger."


Click Here to See Reiki Facelift Face Results!

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Notice:  The Reiki Facelift is a system that creates positive influence in the human energy system.  It should not be considered a treatment for any disease or condition.  We make no claim for medical benefit or health improvement, nor do we suggest the Reiki Facelift as
an alternative for medical care.  These statements are
direct quotes from individuals using the system. 
If you have a health concern, please consult a medical professional.