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Reiki Facelift 1-Day Intensive Class:  The Reiki Facelift TM 1-Day Intensive
Learn the Reiki Facelift Technique with the convenient 1-Day Intensive Course!

Cost: See Pricing Below
Pre-Requisites: Prior Reiki I Training
Class Hours:  9:00am to 6:00pm
CE Hours: 8 Hours
Minimum: 4 Participants
Maximum: 12 Participants per instructor


A Wonderful Self-Treatment for You 
and a Luxury Spa Treatment for Your Clients 

The Reiki Facelift™ is a non-surgical, non-medicinal, 15-minute therapy that uses Reiki Energy Balancing to erase the lines of stress and history, soften the influence of aging, and restore that youthful, healthy radiance. It is a wonderful self-treatment for individuals who have some training in basic energy work. For professional practitioners of Reiki, massage therapy, reflexology, and other related natural therapies, it is an extraordinary luxury spa therapy by itself or as an "additional service" added to traditional therapies.

It is easy to learn, easy to use, and following a few very simple guidelines, it is completely safe! By restoring the natural flow of energy in the face, neck, and critical energy centers using a unique application of the Reiki Energy (you won’t learn this in a Reiki class!) and using some simple and creative facial exercises, you can get visible results.

This gentle and effective rejuvenating system was developed by Connie Vrenios in 2001. Her clients have seen wrinkles and lines fade! They’ve experienced their skin texture soften and the natural radiance return. Benefits started to appear in just a few minutes and continued to increase for hours after the 10-15 minute sessions were complete. Now, she wants to share her system with you, and you can learn to use this system for yourself and your clients in just one day!

Pre-requisites:  Prior Reiki I training with any qualified instructor


Workshop Pricing:

Register & Pay at the Door


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"Bring A Friend" - Register 2-4 people together and save!


"Bring A Friend" - Register 5 or more people together and save even more!


$50 Registration Fee Only!   $75 due at door  (Save $50!)


Repeating This Class!


See below for our cancellation and refund policy

Workshop Dates:

January 19, 2011  9:00am to 6:00pm in Winfield, IL
Lightheart Center  165 S Church St  Winfield, IL 60190
More Dates for 2011 Coming Soon


Here's What People are Saying...

"For me, The Reiki Facelift results photos show not only that The Reiki Facelift improved people's skin and looks, but in the pictures, you can see and feel how much better they feel!"

"My lips were thinning with age.  After just a couple of weeks using the Reiki Facelift, they are filling out again."

"I am using this every day for myself now.  I love the way it feels."

"Receiving the Reiki Facelift was like warm, tropical raindrops drenching my skin."

"My laugh lines are gone!"

"I was using reading glasses of 2.5.  After six weeks of the Reiki Facelift, those are too strong and I am now using 1.75 reading glasses."

"I notice that my thinking is much clearer - I feel more centered and peaceful.  My hair seems to be healthier and softer.  Skin tone is even instead of red and blotchy.  Thank you Connie!"

"I have a client who suffered from depression for 30 years.  After giving her a Reiki Facelift, she expressed, 'I was depressed before the session, but now the depression is gone!"

"Using the Reiki Facelift in the morning was an excellent start to the day!  I was relaxed and felt very happy, having spent time on myself!  I just feel lighter and younger."

Note:  The Reiki Council and Connie & Rick Vrenios make no claim of the Reiki Facelift as a treatment or cure for any condition or disease.  If you have a medical or psychological concern, please contact a medical doctor or mental health professional for proper diagnosis and care.


Cancellation / Refund Policy:

To ensure the personal nature and individualized attention of the training, this class has limited seating.  We want to make the space available to those who can attend the class on any particular date.  Therefore, you are always free to transfer your registration to another participant, but please let us know in advance to avoid questions at the start of the event.

  • Cancel 15 days prior to class:  100% credit toward future course.

  • Cancel less than 15 days prior to class:  100% credit toward future course less the $50 registration fee. 

  • Cancel less than 24 hours prior to class:  No credit granted.

  • Group Registrations are final.  The special discount pricing for our Group Rate and our Bring A Friend Discount is exchanged for "no-cancel" status.

We want you to gain the full benefit of your investment.  While we cannot offer refunds, we are willing to offer credit toward a future class.  You may transfer your credit toward enrolling in a future class one time.  Also, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that workshops and programs will be repeated in the same area at a future date.

If you do not agree to abide by these terms, we suggest you register at the door of this event.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to benefit from the advance registration and/or pre-payment discounts, and seating availability is first-come first served for non-pre-registered attendees so there is no guarantee of seating.  You can call ahead the day before to check space availability.


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